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Your head is always in the clouds. If only you applied yourself." That is what my teachers ​consistantly told me. They wanted me to think like the​y did​. As a student, I never did get along with teacher's very well. Now, I am married to one.​ Go figure.​

I suffer from what psychologists call​ ​"chronic disorganization". ​What that really means is that I am blessed to have greater creativity​​ than the ​organized ​brain. I do tend to get hyper-focused - or work "in flow". This creativity spear-headed my career path in graphic design, website design and software development.

Dreaming big never ceased even when facing extreme difficulties. While working for a website design company, I had to make a decision. ​Work at be​ing​ the best website ​developer, or learn business and brave the marketplace on my own​.

In January 2007, ​I started​ my​ entrepreneurial journey​ ​with​ ​Elevatid—a website design and online marketing company. ​I quickly began working with global brands such as Mercedes, and Nokia​, ​as well as many small businesses both locally and nationally. ​

The service industry is grueling work. I am not​ against hard work at all. Heck, my dad threw block every day for 20 years, I surely can sit at a computer for 10-12 hours a day and use my brain. No, I wanted my hard work to build something big, something of significance and real impact.

In November 2014, ​I founded my second company, Board Director—a SaaSPlatform for Nonprofit Boards to Effectively Govern and Communicate Seamlessly.​ ​ With Board Director​, the ​new journey is filled with difficulty and opportunity. ​

Jim Rohn said, "Don't wish it were easier, wish you were better." That is my life's and business goal - be the best version of me.

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