Dev Talks

Thursday, November 1912:30pm–5:30pm

Join us for an afternoon of high-level dev talks focused around problem solving and innovative solutions. You'll hear from over 10+ dev experts talking about real world scenarios and the tools they're using. There will be a mix of 10 minute lightning presentations and 20 minute in-depth talks.

Lunch provided!

Tentative Agenda

  • 12:30 p.m. Registration, Lunch & Networking
  • 1:00 p.m. Welcoming Remarks
  • 1:20 p.m. Program Begins
  • 3:10 p.m. BREAK
  • 3:40 p.m. Program Resumes
  • 5:30 p.m. Program Ends
  • 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. Dev Conference After Party

Presentation Descriptions

Angular at Chatham with Kurt Legerlotz, Senior JavaScript Developer, Chatham Financial

Learn how developers at Chatham build Angular apps from design to deployment, and why they love the framework. This talk will focus on how Chatham organizes and shares code across multiple single page applications, what to expect from the future with Angular 2, and specific ways Chatham is preparing to migrate to the new version when it's released.

Aurelia with Miguel Zakharia, Co-organizer, First State .Net User Group

Aurelia is a new framework that has made a splash in the web development community. It is a JavaScript framework based on simple conventions that works for mobile, desktop and web apps. During this presentation we will go over a brief introduction to the framework and then jump into a sample application. We will cover Dependency Injection, formatters, data-binding and more. By the end of the presentation you will be convinced that Aurelia should be the framework chosen for your next project!

Page Speed Optimization on the Web with John Himics, Web Developer, Tinkerer and Cofounder of First Ascent Design

Page loading speed is a critical performance metric on the web today. You only have a few seconds to capture an online visitor’s attention. This talk will go into the factors that affect a website’s page speed, how you can improve it, and what are the easiest quick fixes. As developers, we can dive into tools and automations that can help ease the process. We’ll also talk about the difference between the actual metric and the perception of speed, which can sometimes be even more important than the reality.

Where the Devs at? Software for Hardware with Dustyn Roberts, Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering & Biomechanics & Movement Science Program, University of Delaware

As a professor in mechanical engineering constantly teaching novice embedded programming, it strikes me that we don't have strong programs in any department to teach students how to software for hardware: specifically, to write code to control moving things. The skills that make a good embedded systems developer are part mechanical engineering, part electrical engineering, part computer science, and perhaps a dash of informatics, statistics, and other disciplines. I'd like to highlight some of these disparities and start a conversation about how we can better prepare students to contribute to a solution.

Rapidly built mobile apps with Ionic with Dawn Milnamow, Kelsey Murphy and Samantha Kraft, Zip Code Wilmington students

Ionic is a framework makes it incredibly easy to build beautiful and interactive mobile apps using HTML5 and AngularJS. Three current Zip Code students, Dawn Milnamow, Kelsey Murphy and Samantha Kraft will demonstrate how Ionic can help you rapidly build mobile app prototypes using 3rd party frameworks like YouTube and Google.

The Path To More Secure Development is Somewhere Between a Racetrack and The Fury Road with Phil Hagen, Evangelist, Red Canary

It’s no secret that a development team’s goals are at odds with those of a practical security process. Developers are rightfully focused on delivering a product that meets scope, budget, and schedule constraints. Security processes, however are often seen as unneeded impediments to those goals, not as critical components to success. However, developers don’t need to build for the “worst case scenario”. Rather, it is far cheaper and easier to build some basic security awareness into a development project at inception rather than near or after its release. In the Internet age, skimping on or ignoring security entirely is far too dangerous a road to choose. In this presentation, Phil will briefly discuss the reality of threats facing developers today, as well as some simple ways to mitigate the risks they present.

The Power of Open Data with Mark Headd, Technical Evangelist, Accela, Inc.

Learn how data from city, county and state government can be used to power new visualizations and software solutions. This case study will use real government data and demonstrate how to find it, enrich it, stage it for use and deploy a new app using it. We'll be using a variety of commercial and open source software products to demonstrate the power of government data and show how governments can encourage new apps by releasing data in open, easily usable formats.

Open Source Security on a PaaS with Shaun Tyndall, Founder/Director of Inclind

Our clients value security and our team values predictable workflows. We utilize both Acquia & Pantheon to deliver #highfive outcomes when Drupal or Wordpress need security updates. This presentation will demonstrate how Inclind uses CLI tools and GIT workflows to efficiently accomplish a security update.

From ApplePay to ChasePay and the changing world of mobile payments with Brian Smyth, CTO Emerging Payments, Chase Consumer Bank

The commerce ecosystem is rapidly changing with the advancement of mobile smart devices. This presentation will review how these changes are occurring, what we can expect in the near future for payments and examples of integrating ApplePay and ChasePay into your mobile and web products will be covered.

ADA Compliance – Making Web Accessibility Part of Your Development Process with Ian Lebbern, VP of Technology, The Archer Group

In this talk, Archer’s VP of Technology, Ian Lebbern, will discuss the importance of incorporating web accessibility practices into the development process. Ian’s presentation will touch on why web accessibility and ADA compliance are important considerations, and will cover some basic tools and examples to help web developers become aware of the changes they can start to make.

The Connected Cloud - Modern Applications and API Integrations with Rory Laitila, co-founder of and

"Connect to [insert app here!]" - In today's world, building custom software and business applications is as much about the software and applications you integrate with, as the code you write from scratch. Determining if you should "build it" or "buy it" is a hard decision and there are a lot of new tools out there that make integrating other applications into your software easier, but more complex. In this talk we'll cover the newest API integration tools available and common architectural patterns for building your software on the connected cloud ecosystem

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